Friday, November 12, 2010

Website Week in Review

Parc Güell - Barcelona

So, what have I been reading this week while I probably should have been doing something else? Let's find out...

Sarah Von tells us about the wedding traditions in India, where she has been living in a home for unmarried young women for the last few weeks. FASCINATING.

This review of the new Facebook browser, which makes me super-paranoid that Mark Zuckerberg knows everything I am doing.

♥ Our Valued Customers, a webcomic about the dumb shit customers say in the Comic Book Store, which makes my stories about the haunted house sound almost joyful.

This Post from my friend Roger's blog, where he posts all kinds of interesting art-things. He's one of those people whose opinions I hold in disproportionately high regard. Maybe because all of the smart kids (who I desperately wanted to be... how lame is that?) in High School thought he was cool.

Roderigo y Gabriella, who will Flamenco-Guitar the shit out of Led Zepplin.

♥ THIS BIRD. This bird is amazing. This bird makes this song almost bearable:

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