Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: 2010.11.11

Blogger Draft

Blogger Draft: It allows me to write everything for the week on Wednesday, & then just forget about it. Unless I get comments in my in-box. :)

The Walking Dead: Have I talked enough about this on here yet? No? Good.

Even dogs like it!

Gold Eye Makeup: I saw this stuff in Sephora & knew I had to play with it. My inner Leo practically peed herself. I plan on wearing it out to Bklyn tomorrow when I go to see Druid Penelope. Because nothing says existential angst like precious metals smeared on your eyes.

Sweaters: They keep me warm, they are durable, they are like wearing a hug. They have better texture than a sweatshirt, & make me look like I actually gave a crap when I got dressed. Which I do.

♥ Drawing/Doodling ♥ People who offer to send out my resume!!! ♥ The end of things I dislike ♥ Going to the theater ♥ Drinking with friends after the theater ♥ Alt performance ♥ Lattes ♥ my iPhone (it was sent to save me, I swear!) ♥ Running in to old friends who are doing things & give me hope for my life adventure. ♥


Danielle said...

Things I love Thursday:
This blog!
Writing you a letter, which I am totally doing, I swear.

Bef With an F said...

Aww, yay! I think the only reason I am such a quick letter-writer is I am an obsessive weirdo who collects things I want to write to you about in a list. Which makes me sound like a stalker.

Roger Arnold said...

I also strangely love this blog, Beth.
and also the draft feature.