Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I did today

Not that Kind of Girl did an interesting kind of post that I thought I might try to copy in my own, non-scanner owning way. I have attempted to make a little piece of internet art to honor each of the exciting moments in my very mundane day at work and play. Ready? Okay!

8:00 AM
Dog Interrupts Yoga
My dog greets me in her usual morning manner, immune to my attempts to brush her off and continue my yoga routine. A few damp ears later, and I retreat to my bedroom to finish.

11:30 AM

cream of mushroom soup
created by angry chef
why are you so good?

1:00 PM
Not going to Vegas

After looking up trip prices on Kayak (yay for the internet on a point of sale machine), I decide to just keep saving for an apartment & think about taking vacations again in a year.

Watching Tennis
Seeing everybody's heads turn in sync while they watch the club tennis championship gives me a serious case of the giggles. I have to hide in the kitchen.

3:30 PM
Acorns 3

Because the members seem to think the club in an all-inclusive babysitting service, I must prevail upon a passle of seven-year old boys to stay quiet while their parents watch tennis. I convince them that filling a hole in the ground with acorns can be a fun activity.

5:00 PM
Added Mr. Bostons to my Amazon Wishlist

I add Mr. Boston's to my Amazon Wishlist.

10:00 PM
Evening Activities

I retire to the basement to set the moldings in my vampire teeth. It tastes like garbage, but Mad Men makes an excellent distraction. The dog is unsure.
_ _ _ _ _ _

Well, that was... time consuming. I think I learned from this project that I need to get my scanner working again. I hope you had at least a little fun reading this, though!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The death of the incandescent lamp (Things to Worry About)

What does this mean for the middle class white kid definition of poor- what do you call a bare bulb lamp? How stupid will it look?

What are they going to put up on the marquis' to flash and dance? Will New York become the new neon city?

Will we now be able to pick out historical inaccuracies in movies when they use the wrong kind of bulb for the period? Has the job of every set dresser just gotten that much more difficult? (I guess every future movie that includes bulbs as well as flying cars can be considered doubly inaccurate)

What will I fill with paint and drop onto a canvas?

How will little kids learn about electricity?


Light bulbs being phased out is a huge problem for me, apparently.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cooler Than Me (What I hear)

-If I could influence you with my fame and songwriting skills, I could wear you like the accessory you deserve to be
-But you never talk to me or make eye contact, and I have surmised that it is because you think you are better than I am (and not because I am a jackass with creepy entitlement issues).