Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dynamite (What I Hear Wednesday)

Before we begin, allow me to say that I spent a good half an hour trying to edit a hilariously bad poetry-style reading of this song that I made for YOU in iMovie, but was eventually outmaneuvered by Steve Jobs. I guess he really really hates fun.


I have a physiological tic that causes me to fling my arms into the sky & not put them down.
I yell "ayo, gotta let go!" as though I were on a roller coaster.
I wanna celebrate and live my life
While saying only "ayo, gotta let go!"

That will assist me in vibrating the sides of this beverage establishment
Throughout the night
It will be bright
As though we had set off explosives
Becuse I've already threatened you once
Now I'll tell you twice
We're going to blow it up
As though it were an explosive.


Does anybody else hear this song as a threatening note from a terrorist who also happens to have a shoulder spasm?

Dynamite Pressure- Dj Tripp mashes David Bowie & Queen vs. Taio Cruz

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