Friday, March 30, 2007


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I've been absent! I've been busy.

I am at home once again, for Easter break. I plan to work hard + also get my wisdom teeth out.

A picture of me today, because Photobooth was the easiest thing I could think of. Also, you haven't gotten a picture of my little face on here for a while. I went sorta Egyptian today with the makeup.

And this is my puppy, Millie. I don't know if she's been on the blog yet, but here she is.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh, those drama kids!

Body (again)
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All of my pictures recently seem to have been of my friends. Well, people are interesting subjects, aren't they? Also, they've discovered that I constantly have a camera on me (although I don't know if they know why), and they're all camera-hoes.

So, our professor wasn't in during Body today, but she left us a video to watch. We dragged out the mats + layed about while watching them. I was snapping natural shots, but somebody notified everybody else, and well... jazz hands resulted. I suppose we really are drama kids, aren't we?

Monday, March 26, 2007


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This is Sam, looking all awesome and detached in the stairwell while we waited for auditons. Sam was my director for HPC last semester, and we have fun together- the cast list goes up tomorrow!

Today was a fairly good day, weather-wise. It was warm enough that we moved our Shakespeare class outdoors. (actually, we only did that because the studio had been taken over by a luncheon. wtf?)

Sunday, March 25, 2007


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Yesterday I went with Grace, Darren, Nita, Kate, and Sam to the Salvation army. Aside from several bus mishaps, it was all a good day. At Salvo, I got a few belts, a jumpsuit, a dress, and a slip all for about $25. Darren got the best deal out of all of us- a brand new J. Crew jacket for $8. We stopped on the way home at La Taza, where Grace looked like she had co-ordinated her outfit with the couch.

After all this, I went back home for a nap, + then went to the drag show + watched Mirrormask with Carolyn, which was great fun.

Today's Music: Man Eater- Nelly

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bronze Pour

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Today I cut Costume shop, + went to help out at the bronze pour in the forgery. How many times in my life am I going to be able to say I did that? Probably not too many (although, you never know). I have outlined the whole process in a flickr set. So if you click on the pictures, I have a little description of each step in the process. Or there's a "slideshow" option, although I don't know if that gives the descriptions. Or just look at whatever photos you like, I don't care.

So, it was hot, and loud, and completley exhilarating. I suppose 2000* metal can do that to a girl. And the exiciting thing is that there is going to be an iron pour later on this semester, and that has to get even hotter. Don't worry, I'll take pictures of that, too.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


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After a chilly start, the day turned into a lovely, sunny 54*. Jessie + I were going to meet at the co-op for lunch, but we discovered a free food festival in the Mandela room, so we snarfed up apples and crackers and mac + cheese. Then it was on to the engineering building for some abraisive architecture fun, and beyond that to the greenhouses. I took lots of great pictures, + they're up on my flickr if you care to look (click on the picture + it will bring you to flickr).
I will probably wind up painting many of the photos I took today, it is really just a matter of getting them printed. Maybe I should buy some printer photo paper...


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I know, I know! As soon as I gave myself permission to not update daily, I failed to update. So we're back again, this time more determined.

Yesterday I had sculpture, + my professor allways brings his dog- a sweet old thing, who never wants to get up, but will allways look at you beseechingly if you walk by for a scratch on the head.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wear some green!

St. Patrick's Day
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Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, + so I represented my heritage accordingly. I had green eyeshadow, a tacky button, and stickers to boot. I didn't really do anything particularly Irish, but it was an alright day none the less.

I have decided to drop the pretext of making this a "daily" blog- I'll update as frequently as I can, but I really dont have much in the way of free time.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


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Today we filmed part of episode 2 of "The Blue Bus Diaries". It is mainly Victoria's episode, played by the lovely and talented Kate, seen here at right. It was a short scene, and we got the shooting done relatively quickly- we started at 6, and I was able to get dinner in the dining hall before it closed at 8.

I actually saw Episode 1 on BTV today- I invaded Mike's room and made him let me borrow his TV. It was kind of fun. I realised that I am perhaps not quite suited for film acting. However, that may be a rash judgement, as it was the first thing I was ever in. I think I learned a bunch, + am looking forward to seeing how this next episode goes. When it will be done is beyond me, but that is another story entirely....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chucks + Capote

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I seem to be spending a lot more time in the dressing rooms than I had originally thought I was going to be. Today after Shakespeare I went down to the costume shop with Mike, and we were sent along to room 88 so he could try on his shoes for the show. They're green high-topped Chucks, and he's very pleased with them. I'm very pleased with the light quality this place gives things, + this is certainly not the last you'll see of it.

Today we had a high of 64*, so I re-started the pants boycott- who wants to wear jeans when there is a comforting breeze around your stylish ankles? It is raining now, but it is a warm, comfortable rain, best suited to warm cups of tea and snuggling in bed reading a book. Good thing I have Mr. Capote with me.

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's coming!

Spring is coming...

Yesterday, the weather took a turn for the better: our usual high for the day of 26* turned into the daily low. I am sure it will get cold again, but for now we are celebrating the advent of Spring with raised hems and open jackets...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Easter Eggs

All things bright and beautiful

On Saturday, my family and I did Ukranian egg decorating. If you don't know what it is, I suggest you do a google image search-it's really a quite interesting process, but one I am not fully capable of articulating here. I do not do anything so complicated as the traditional designs, but it is still a nice distraction for an afternoon. We listened to the Mets lose on the radio, and had a general nice family time before my departure the next day- damn these short breaks.

Friday, March 9, 2007


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Today, we blog again about food.

Today my mother + I went to see the exhibit about the Louis Comfort Tiffany Lauelton Hall estate at the Metropolitan Museum of art. However, photos were not allowed inside the exhibition, and I didn't get any other shots that I totally loved. (Although, this is a photo of me in this scarf which I fell in love with).

So we blog about cheese. We went to the market in Grand central to pick up some dinner- we got bread, olives, and two types of cheese- Taleggio, a cow cheese, and Garrotxa, a goat cheese. We ate them for dinner and tried to convince ourselves that it was summer. But as it was 1*f outside in the morning, it was to no avail. Hopefully the weather gets better tomorrow, because that means a trip to the zoo!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

A rainbow of trout

A rainbow of trout
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I spent today driving around with my father- first to two doctor's appointments, then to pick up some books, and then to the club so he could get some work done.

On the way home, we stopped for some fish at Mt. Kisco Seafood- the nicer of the fish places around here. We got some lemon sole, + ate it stuffed with crab. I can't tell you how nice it is to have REAL food, versus the stuff up at school.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

More sculpture

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It's sort of difficult to believe I took this photo today- I suppose four hours of travel can kind of disorient you.

This started with me messing about with the head piece: I was originally going for a pendant shape, and then noticed it looked like a wolf head. I made it in several distinct pieces, + then melted them together. I like the melted look of this, + am going to continue working it. I did a graphite layer across it, so you can actually see the features this time.

Today's Music: Rabbit Songs by Hem

Monday, March 5, 2007


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Sculpture class today totally rocked my face off. We're doing lost-wax bronze casting, but for now we're just starting out, + so are learning what the capabilities of the wax are. I get to carve, and knead, and burn, and just generally play.

At first, I made this kind of bizarre birdmermaid, which let me explore shaping a bit. Then I was messing around a bit, and decided that maybe I should attempt this, to see if I can do movement. I only have the torso done so far, but it's going well considering I've never sculpted figures before, much less worked with wax.

The only thing with wax is that it is a sponge for light, so next time I want to take a photo I'll do a graphite layer first. Please ignore my nasty looking hands: wax is harder to remove than I had thought.

Music of the day: Waiting Takes Time- Josh Woodward

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Rehearsal rooms
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Not that this style of photo has been taken before, or anything...

I just can't seem to keep out of the fine arts building. Deprived of a show, I wandered into the rehearsal rooms and learned my lines for my Shakespeare class. Actually, I mostly just banged on the piano for a while. But we can pretend I got work done, right?

The mirrors do funny things to perspective. I would think that they are in there to give those closet-like rooms the illusion of being bigger to appease the claustrophobes, but this is a public school, I wouldn't think that they would actually care. Do musicians like to look at themselves while they practice? I just find it disconcerting...


I seem to update in clumps. I could, actually, have uploaded photos the past few days to Flickr, but then I feel like there's the burden of needing to blog, + for some reason flickr had been having a fight with Blogger recently. Although I am doing a bit better than I might have thought, so there's that.

Threshold cast- 3.3.07

Threshold cast
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Well, here we all are- the cast and crew of "Woman at a Threshold, Beckoning". It is over, + I'm more than a little sad- what am I supposed to do with all this spare time?


Friday night games.
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My show went up at 6:30, and Tongue of a Bird went up at 8:00, so whenever we came down from a performance, the crew would be getting to their call. It was kind of fun to be bashing into eachother.

Here we see the crew boys playing hackey-sack while wearing their awful 90's boy-band outfits. (Kidding: they had to wear flight suits so that when they were glimpsed onstage, they looked like they belonged).

Thursday, March 1, 2007

the Mats

the mats
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In body today, we dragged out the mats + sat on them while watching each others routines.

This was one of the few shots where I actually managed to get everybody looking natural. That's a problem with theatre kids- you gring out a camera around them, and they start vogueing (even moreso than other teenagers). Maybe it's because we're so used to being looked at?

Dressing rooms- 2.27.07

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It's hell week for my show, meaning I spend tons of time in FAB. But this is an exciting picture because... for the first time in my life, I have an actual dressing room! Does life get any more exciting than this?
And for yesterday- absolutely no photos whatsoever! My camera + I had a fight.

Arty-farty- 2.25.07

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This is Studio B, where we are doing "Woman at a Threshold, beckoning". Lauren + Kayla were practicing their scene for the meisner class before rehearsal, so I started taking odd pictures of the room. This is also where I had my first acting class, last semester.