Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I am Thankful for Thursday

Tori's Birthday

Well hello there! Have you watched the parade? Are you getting hungry smelling dinner? Or are you in the car, on your way to a feast somebody else is preparing?

Since I make a list of things I love every Thursday, today I'll make a brief list  the things I am thankful for before I get back to cleaning the kitchen.

Music: Music brings us together, music stirs the soul, music communicates across cultural & language barriers.

Chloe in a box
Sleeping: Sleeping is the second most important part of my health after water (& before yoga). I am thankful I have a soft, quiet, safe place to sleep, & it is the same place every night I want it to be.

Pensive Dani and Rachel
Always: ♥ Family ♥ My own Bedroom ♥ Health Insurance ♥ My Phone ♥ Friends who Let me Visit ♥ State College ♥ FOOD!!! ♥


It will be back to loving drippy things like cell phone charms & the internet next week, but for now sit back & enjoy the simple things.

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