Monday, November 1, 2010

Movie Monday: Body Double

I was pretty busy this Monday with auditions, so my Dad & I had to do our Monday Movie watching at home. We wanted something scary, & while I had 'Titus' out from Netflix, it was already 10:30, so we had to stick to something short.

Our cable provider (no I won't tell you which one, but I'll give you a hint: I can't watch the world series) has a delightfully wonky On Demand section where I have occasionally been able to find something to watch in the past. For the month of Halloween they have a scary movies section, & we settled on Body Double, which was described to us as "What happens when a peeping tom witnesses a murder!"

Do you know what 1984 thinks happens to peeping toms? Apparently it thinks that they turn in to softcore porn actors.

I am not fucking kidding.


Aside from the obvious tawdry-ness of this clip, the movie is full of all kinds of other offensive views on women. When our main character finds out something bad is going to happen to the girl he is spying on, he takes on a creepily paternalistic attitude towards her, obviously concluding that he is the only man who can "save her." And saving is just what this princess in a glass tower needs, since she unashamedly dances naked in front of a window, that stupid whore. We therefore cannot be surprised when she dies of being penetrated to death:


To be truthful, the murder scene was pretty funny, but once it got around to the porn we turned it off & went to sleep. It was midnight my time & there was still half an hour of movie remaining, time that I was simply unwilling to give to this piece of dreck. However, if I ever go to grad school for Gender Studies, you can bet I'll write part of my dissertation based on this movie.

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