Friday, November 19, 2010

Daily Outfit: 2010.11.11


11/11 is Corduroy day, since the parallel "1"s look like the lines in corduroy. Interesting aside, people think the word comes from "Corde du Roi," meaning Cloth of the King, as the fabric was originally made for everybody's favorite French nutjob Louis XIV, as an 'exclusive' cloth for him. Through the years the fabric has become more of a poor man's fiber, figuring prominently in the garments of Dust-Bowl transients & Liberal Arts Professors' jackets. Wikipedia tries to tell me this is not true, but my costume history teacher who was a Linguistics major in undergrad told me all of this, so I believe her.

Anywhoodle, I wore my brown cords to dig out the garden (& remember that I hate gardening), & then wore these grey ones to go see Brian Regan (!!!) at night.


It was their first time out of storage since April, & I forgot how much I like them. Wide-leg trousers were something I wanted as a child, but I think it was probably because all of the cool kids were wearing the ones from Hot Topic. These are a bit less... zitty.

They also really emphasize how thin I am, & sometimes I am having a day where I say screw it. I am skinnier than all of the rest of you, & I am going to show it off. After all, how many more years of doing that un-apologetically do I get?


An aside- do you guys hate daily outfit posts? Think they are lazy & self-indulgent? Really really like them? I know I haven't been wearing anything all that radical lately, because who do I have to dress up for as I lounge around the house? But it's good to stay in practice, since soon I'll be doing the midtown stomp every day.


Ian Thomas Franks said...

I enjoy your outfits. I believe I've told you of my days in front of the mirror constructing layers of mixed patterns and fabrics thinking to myself: What Would Beth Do?
I do empathize with you on the not being able to really dress radically lately. I've found now that I've dived into the pool of adulthood it's much harder to find opportunities to dress in a style I find befitting.
Don't give up on these posts though. You are still my style icon.

Bef With an F said...

Yes, isn't being an adult hopelessly boring for outfits?

I can't tell you how much this comment has meant to me- a real bright spot in my day. :) Just for that, there will be many more outfit posts.