Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daily Outfit: 2010.11.21

Daily Outfit: 2010.11.21

I started reading the Harry Potter books when I was nine- which means I was pretty convinced for a while that there was a letter from Hogwarts arriving any day (I'm still waiting). My mother made me the scarf, & I bought a sweater & sewed a crest on it. The movies and book parties started to happen around the time when it was still socially acceptable for me to dress up at those events, & sometimes I put on the sweater as comfort food.

So as you can see, old habits die hard. While this isn't necessarily a book outfit, it is a little bit more than I would usually wear out & about in my little town. 

Daily Outfit: 2010.11.21

My favorite ladies in the book were always Luna & Bellatrix, so I decided to dress to honor them.

Black sleeves: Discount I really really love these, & don't wear them as often as I might like to. Partially because they're buried at the side of my sweater trunk, & partially because I don't have anywhere to go that deserves them.

Striped Shirt: Forever 21 by way of Thrift This shirt, along with a few others, was in the bottom drawer of my desk when I moved in at school. I donated the things I couldn't use, & washed/kept this.

Skirt: All Saints This is a dress whose top I frequently fold inside itself to wear as a skirt, because it makes a perfect poofy black skirt & why buy something twice? Does anybody else do this? This dress was one of the first articles of clothing I bought in London, & I wore it there all.the.time. It has stood the test of multiple washings, & is just as soft & flattering as ever.

Socks: Sock I think? I'm not sure. I bet you could find something just like it there, though.

Shoes: Clarks I bought these to skip around the city in & slip off when I got to auditions. Their grandma/schoolgirl appeal was just too strong to leave out of a Harry Potter outfit, however.


When was the last time you dressed up for a theme? Do you have a secret Harry Potter outfit you wear to scare the neighborhood children? Do you want one?

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