Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daily Outfit: Coilhouse FTW!

Dear reader, allow me to speak for a moment on a website I use to warm my cold, cold heart. Coilhouse is a blog which also publishes a quarterly magazine & they describe their mission as "A Love Letter to Alternative Culture."


Through them I have discovered many new performance experiences, new music, and of course, visual art. They're like my ultra-cool best friend who always has their ear to the ground & rather than being superior & withholding about their new favorite band, gushes effusively & buys me a ticket to the show.

Needless to say, when I got their new hoodie in the mail, I was pretty excited to style it every which way from Thursday.

Daily Outfit- 2010.11.9

Wearing sweaters over sweaters isn't a new activity for me, & since November has begun to assert itself as the month of shit precipitation, I have decided layer them on.

Inform. Inspire. Infect.

Eyes: Makeup Forever
Ears: H &M
Torso: Coilhouse hoodie, handknit sweater
Legs: J.Crew
Feet: Steve Madden

I also sent an e-mail to Coilhouse, asking them if they would call for reader submissions with styling ideas for this shirt. Y'all probably know that I can't just wear some big shapeless thing without being really self conscious, right? A sweatshirt has to be for me (& I suspect for some others) a small element in an overall outfit.

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