Friday, November 5, 2010

My Ideal Schedule

Ideal Schedule

At the beginning of the summer, I asked Boss if I could be the weekend help only, so that I would have time free during the week to audition. Being a nice boss (and also my Dad), he said yes.

I dreamed of going to the city every day! Auditioning constantly, meeting people!  Going to museums! Reading long, impressive books! Using my free time wisely, to work on my monologues and exercise and generally improve myself!

And a day at home? Well obviously it looked exactly like what you see up above.

I was going to continue to be the ruthless hard worker I had been in College, but I was going to be able to do it without an adult standing over me. I was going to be the toughest, fiercest, most self-motivated Graduate the world had ever seen. I was also going to have moved out of the house by the end of August.

Have you guessed yet that none of this has happened? I do have an evacuation plan (which begins in December), but my motivation is... well...

Actual Schedule

You guys? It's hard to keep practicing monologues when there's no specific use for them in the future. I get all hopped up and excited at auditions because it's the one chance I've had all week to PLAY.

Turns out it's harder to get cast in things in real life than in College. I try not to let it discourage me too much, but blogging and drawing pictures for nobody is a whole lot more satisfying than memorizing plays for nobody.

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