Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: 2010.11.4

Things I Love Thursday: Midtown Comics Edition

Midtown Comics: The staff is charming, it's well-organized, & there are all kinds of inspiring art books to ogle. I will have a post up next week about my stellar experience there & what I acquired. However, I totally want to go back for a few Chris Ware books & the Vargas collection.

Seeing My Professor's Show with a bunch of my friends I took his class with! And we're all going to go out for drinks like grown-ups afterward. I'm excited to see the Prof practice what he preaches, & excited that experimental theater like this is taken so seriously, so easily.

Blogging! Since I started writing a few amusing articles a few weeks ago to amuse myself, it has been an almost constant compulsion. I've even written a few things I am proud of. I don't really know where any of it is going to go, but I'm glad my writing skills gained in school won't simply languish.

Leaves out my window

Autumn: Have I said this already? Every week? Because the temperature is finally something rational, & I love it. Too many people at the audition on Tuesday were bitching about how cold it was. We have 7 million people in this city, we don't need one more. If you don't like it, move to Florida, or California. Free country & all.

Cee-Lo Green's New Album Avaliable to listen to for free in its entirety on NPR until the day it's released!

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Roger Arnold said...

Beth, what happened to that fantastic post with the gcal? It, no kidding, SPOKE TO ME.

Bef With an F said...

@Roger- It was scheduled to auto-post today, I don't know how it got out early. Anyway, it's back now!

Tori said...

I really appreciate my random shout outs<3 I've got Eric mentally prepared for scrabble and such.