Friday, February 23, 2007


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*Sorry about the lack of update yesterday, the internet here at school was freaking out, so nobody could really accomplish anything. I wrote the entry, + so will copy/paste it in*

Today I was clicking around websites of clothing I cannot aford (as I am wont to do), and I came across a $75 scarf from Anthropologie. Struck with creative rage, I cast on a scarf of my own, and it will be similar, but better. Basically, a stockinette short thing in the dark blue Briar Rose, and excruciatingly long tassels in the fuzzy things from that-farm-in-texas-whose-name-i-never-remember-but-allways-visit-at-the-westibal. Word.

I shall give it as a gift to my director Kayla when the show I'm in goes up, because she is a lovely person who deserves a lovely scarf. I was knitting Jim a scarf, but it turns out his birthday was last Monday, not next Monday, so I sort of hurled it aside since it's annoying to knit anyway.

Today's Music: All that Jazz- Chicago

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