Wednesday, February 21, 2007

La vie Betheme

Headphones are love
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Taken with the "heat glow" effect in Photobooth. But it's not heat, it's light. So I could be freezing cold, but if it's bright out, I would still show up as red hot. How silly.

So these are my lovelyummy Bose headphones, which are sadly breaking- the left earphone has come away from the part that goes over your head. Until I can get near some krazy glue, I just sort of tape them back together, since I only use them near my computer.

I haven't taken them out for the past two days, because my movement teacher Anne Brady said some very inspiring things to me. She encouraged us to take out the headphones, and actually engage with the world as we live in it. If we are absent, then our job of connecting as an actor will be that much more difficult. She has said some other excruciatingly insightful things, and I really love her class for that. It's basically everything I ever thought the class should be. Some people dismiss her, but I just think they haven't really plugged into it.

A lot of life, actually, has been screaming at me to participate in it recently. The weather has been beautiful, my classes have been everything college is supposed to be, and I am in love with my new friend. I am so gloriously alive.

All of that being said, I do really heart my headphones. As I was listening to the Mission Impossible theme on them the other day, I re-realised how much clearer and rich the sound is when it's coming out of lovely things right next to your head, rather than shitty computer speakers. Though I love my Mac, I do hate where the speakers are- in the hinge. The hinge! So all of the sound gets stifled and gross.

Today's Music: Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol

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