Thursday, February 1, 2007

Day 1

1/365, originally uploaded by chlorinebeach.

A new project, a new distraction. I was going to wait untill tomorrow to post this, but as Dave from Chub Creek would say, "there's no gift like the present." Besides, it is the first of the month, a fairly legitimate justification.

So, I took a cheap shot, because I only decided to do this at 8:30 pm. This is my lovelywonderful bed. The blue quilt was made for me by my Mother upon graduation from High School, and the quilt at the foot of the bed was made by my Tanta Gail when I was a little child. I have two favorite new posters up- Absinthe Robette, seen in the upper right hand corner, and the Fish on a Bicycle. Hiding behind my pillow is Boy, the enormous red brontosaurus I got from my Drama Company's we-really-need-money-for-curtains-tag-sale we held in 11th grade. I wish I knew who donated it. Or maybe not, actually.

On the Internal Radio: Happy Hippo by Cloud Cult

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