Wednesday, February 7, 2007


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These are my fantastic new slippers, which I only bought because they were on sale. My old ones are falling apart, but the sale was the real thing that made me get them. And aren't they fabulous? They are super comfysquishy, and are in fact so warm that I needs must wear socks with them so my feet don't sweat.
I actually even wear these on my bed. And anybody who has ever been in my room knows that I have a very strict no-shoes-on-the-bed policy. I do brush the bottoms off, but they get to rest on top of the covers. I mean, why should my feet be uncomfortable when everything else is cozy and I am knitting away? I'm sure that once they get too dirty they won't be allowed up, but for now they are invited to the party.

Today's Music: The Imaginary Boyfriend Song

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