Friday, February 2, 2007

Day 2

Today was a difficult day in terms of deciding which picture to post. I settled on this, not because it was the best but because it represents half of the 500 ties that I organised today (these are the sides of hangers in the top half of a closet).

I love neckties, and tried to steal three, but that was against the rules. There was a yellow one with illuminated manuscript text on it, a thin black one with metallic green fleur-de-leis', and a thin orange one with gold-red metallic sixteenth-century looking patterns on it. That last one sounds totally hideous, but trust me, it was awesome. I am hoping to re-appeal my case at the end of the semester, when I have proved that I am a nice little child who deserves another necktie.

I did, however, acquire four new bags from the handbag closet cleanout: two bags for knitting projects, a brown satchel, and a tiny thing for doodads.

The closet is such a neat place, because it has all these intensely amazing shoes and props, and then some of the most aggresively ugly items I have ever seen (and that includes Goodwill). More pictures from shop hours will surface as this project goes on, I'm sure.

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