Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blogged: 7/8

Well, I got the free time that I had been agitating for, + it's great. So great, in fact, that I have pretty much nothing to blog about.

Isn't that weird? I feel like if I blog when I'm feeling totally wonderful + blissed out, I shouldn't blog because it would be like rubbing my fortune in other people's faces. But if I have something to kvetch about, I hop right on here. Odd.

Anyway. I just got done with a long-ish stint of house sitting, + I can't say how happy I am to be done. The dogs were fine, and the money was fine, and everything was just FINE, but it made it so that I was always driving home to eat dinner, + sleeping by myself in a big scary house. I came home today + laid down on my bed and gazed around, happy that I had a place for each thing I needed to put down.

I sorted out my desk, too. Made the post-its easier to get to, put up a framed photo of the lover + I, put all of my postcards in a tin together (I am a collector, but I am starting to run out of space. Anybody want a postcard?). But we all know that I love cleaning and sorting and laundry and re-organizing. That's not news.

M.ton bought a gigantic new computer screen (peep it here: ), + it makes me super-duper excited to get MY new computer, in about a month! I'm totally gonna do the free iPod touch, because I've been playing with M.ton's iPhone so much that I am pretty much convinced I need one myself. Maybe I'll actually develop the kinds of fine motor skill required for video games? haha, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.


So at the moment, my life is going pretty much the way that the movies tell us Summer is supposed to. I have a swoon-a-riffic boyfriend, hilarious people to have drinks with, a few craft projects to be involved in, a funny new book to read, a floaty dress (coming in the mail), two bathing suits, and an amazing friend I can call up + impose myself on. I'm just waiting for the film cameras and the dramatic conflict to come ring my doorbell, but until then it's all shoot from the hip and headphones.

And now, some links!

I'd like this to be my wedding, or maybe just a party I go to. Tomorrow.

these kinds of things are always good for a laugh. I particularly like the one about feelings + the one about el nino.

I think I should probably have a tumblr. But anyway, this is for anybody who has ever lost something in rock/paper/scissors.

YES I KNOW this show closed, but can y'all just stop making fun of me and enjoy this video? I really wanted to see it. I'm reading some Damon Runyon tonight to console myself.

That is all. Time for a bath with the new Lush products. Move along.

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