Thursday, July 16, 2009

Days of Accomplishing Small Things

Tent Dress

Maybe this is my inner virgo talking, but I love lists + crossing things off of them.

Related, but even better than that, are early mornings of many small accomplishments (which may add up to one or two big accomplishments), and afternoons of lying around and doing nothing, congratulating myself.

Small accomplishments for Thursday last:
-repaired the hooks on a dress I have been meaning to repair/wanting to wear since returning from London
-Scrapbooked 4 more pages
-Planned my trip to see Danielle on Tuesday
-Finished a book and two Magazines (TONY + The New Yorker).

Small accomplishments for Thursdau this:
-painted my fingernails
-Wrote a letter to one of my personal heroes, + invited him to dinner
-Worked more on my style concept for the next two seasons
-Did some emotional weed-pulling + re-planting


Sarah Von said...

I *love* the small accomplishments. I often write ridiculous things on my to-do list, just so I can cross them off more easily ("Take a shower? Check!")

Beth said...

eep! I know... nothing more satisfying.

[thanks, by the way, for your comment. Is it weird to say I'm a huge fan, + kind of excited you looked at my blog? Because I am!]