Saturday, July 11, 2009

And the Weekend is a Day Away

[written yesterday, Sat. July 11]

Clambered in to work on Thursday, refreshed and ready.

Woke up late yesterday, and, egged on by aggravating customers, my apathy level by the end of dinner was through the roof.

Today I woke up rather early (hello 4:30!) + went in to work, where I will continue to be until I go to an off-site event I am working at this evening (although, they are paying me about twice my normal wage, in cash, for 4 hours of work). Total work hours today: approx. 16.

Now, I could whine and snivel about all of this work I am doing (and certainly my sore body from not getting enough sleep last night calls out for me to do so), but you know what? My weekend starts again the day after tomorrow.

That's right kids. I may work quite hard for four days a week, but it means three days off (in a row, hello overnight trips!), and I STILL make overtime.

Don't you wish you were me?

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