Friday, July 24, 2009

What to do on your Birthday (Inspired by Sarah Von)

No shoes?

The lovely Ms. Sarah Von, of Yes and Yes made a post about things to do on Birthdays (Her 30th is coming up... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH!), + at the end asked for suggestions. Well, my answer became so lengthy that I decided to do a post of my own, in honor of my upcoming 21st Birthday. [Interestingly enough, it was my other friend Sarah's Birthday the other day, and my middle name is Sara. Coincidence? I think not.]

Get Your Nails Done: Yes and Yes suggested this one, but it just seems like such a good idea. It's an excuse to get any color you want, with any additions you want- sparkly pink with rhinestones? Sure! Bring a friend or sister along with you for bonus points. [A long-lost-acquaintance of mine is actually getting her nails done for her bridal shower on my birthday, but I won't gate-crash: I like to think of it as a cross-continental, multi-purpose-multi-location party.]

Buy a really tacky, cheap tiara and wear it all day: I did this last year at the beach for Mary + I's birthday. We forgot we had them on as we walked into the water, + wondered why we were getting weird looks all up + down the beach. I still have it, + sometimes I put it on while I'm lying around the house + need to feel a bit more sparkly.

Go to a Museum: Birthdays, like New Year's celebrations, are a good time for contemplating the future, the meaning of life, + the rapid and irreversible rush of time towards our imminent demise. Oops, I'm sorry, what? Anyway, most art is about either sex or death, so what better place to contemplate your future than surrounded by visionary attempts at encapsulating time? I happen to really like going to MoMA [because it's free for SUNY students!], + after touring the exhibits/revisiting my favorites, I sit on the deck that overlooks the courtyard/skyline + treat myself to an insanely expensive ice cream sundae.

Volunteer: I think the best place to volunteer on your birthday is at an old folks home (see: recent meditation on death). Once they find out it's your birthday, get them to tell you interesting stories about what they did when they were your age. Seriously, it works. [I love old people!]

Get Somebody you Love to Make Dinner/Drinks: Admittedly, I am doing this one, and mostly because it's my 21st: I am going to go visit M.ton + demand Strawberry Daiquiris/Mojitos/Something similarly girly + annoying to make. I don't know if we'll watch movies, or put on music and dance, or sit around philosophizing. But I'm looking forward to it being a sillygoodtipsy time.

Make some Resolutions: I think Birthday resolutions are far more relevant than New Year ones, + I'm sure you've forgotten those by now anyway! It doesn't have to be anything huge, but maybe some attitude changes, something new to meditate on, or some style resolutions! Check out Soul Garden(Autoplay warning!) for what would be the most powerful for you to think about right now. And when you've decided what you want to do? Make yourself a new desktop background to help you remember them.

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Sean said...

Well, I spent my 21st out in the woods, and it was a pretty good time. Maybe go to the city and stay out all night? That's always a good time.