Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who doesn't hate their job?

My creation

-Beth Notebook/Bath: journaling in some pink princess bubble bath on Monday night. I was going to do that last Sunday, but I went + had a rager with M.ton instead. [One of my resolutions this summer was to be as drunk as possible. "Never pass up an opportunity?" "More or less." It's been a lot of fun, but it also means I got to experience my first 1.5 day hangover.]

-Thirstea/Ginat Robot: Having fun in NY, I got some bubble tea (which I LOVE) around the corner from Obscura Antiques (Which Gala Darling reccomneded, and was actually kind of lame- like Cold Spring all compressed into one store, + somehow even more expensive), + then went to Giant Robot, which was SO COOL. I really want to go to their new gallery show as soon as I can, and also lust after everything in there simultaneously. I need more shelves to put my books on as it is, though (who doesn't have books stacked around their room?).

-Giant Hat/Conrad: Also while in NYC, I bought a GIANT HAT. It is so huge + happy-making. I must go to a polo game in it, or something. I have plans to make different hat-pins that I can put on it + match to various outfits. I think the first one will have to be hot pink. I stayed at Danielle's house and took pictures of her friends (conrad), + listened to Tom talk until 2 AM [He's one of those people who thinks that only stupid people are happy. He has many, many problems. I don't know him well enough to care about them.].

-Tower: And in the morning, after a nice sleep-in, it was subway->train->M.ton. We ate some delicious, bizarrely filling burgers and hung out at his house for a few hours, but I had to leave early to meet my mom... and hang out for the rest of the week.

I'm liking these three-day work-weeks, but not how tired they make me. The good news is, though, that I've met my savings goal for the summer, so now all of the rest of the money I save can go to off-setting the cost of my new computer (!!!), + saving for


Whatever that is. People seem to be very interested in mine, though (it's all they can ever talk about when they make polite conversation with me), so maybe I should start selling shares in it.

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