Monday, July 27, 2009

Bringing Home Baby

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As some of you may know, I have been saving up all summer to buy a new iMac (after I saved money for the next few semesters, por supuesto). I was starting to get really, really tired of not being able to run Excel, viewer, iTunes, Word, + Safari all at the same time. Seriously, that is only five programs, and most of them aren't doing that well and OH MY GOD I'M JUST TRYING TO DO MY HOMEWORK, WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO END IN TEARS?

Well... the fateful day arrived early last week when I had saved up enough dollars to buy one + be debt-free, so I cajoled M.ton into joining me at driving me to the mac store.

I got the 24", least horse-power model available... I don't really plan on needing anything faster ever in my life, and the Mac Pro is just comically huge anyway. Seriously, playing around with those things in the store made me feel like checking my e-mail is not a significant enough event to warrant the use of that computer. I need to be video-editing live, silver-screen footage of my Oscar-winning PhD thesis or something to warrant use of such a monster.

At the store (in the Danbury mall), once I got somebody's attention everything went well. My advice is walk in there knowing exactly what you want, but then I guess that's kind of obvious advice for anybody trying to get anything done. But seriously, all of you about-to-be-freshmen wandering around with your whole extended family asking really obvious questions need to get with the 21st century and do some research before you show up. Shit's straight aggravating.

I would kind of rather it was white than silver (would go with the aesthetics of my desk better), but we can't have everything, right? At least it's not Dell-blackgrey.

At home, in between house-sitting episodes I set everything up with the power of THE INTERNET. What a great thing. No expensive wires, just tell Migration Assistant what to do + it does it.

But wait I didn't really want to write a Mac commercial. I mean, I don't mind but I'm not getting any promo dollars from this so why would I?

Anyway, the long + the short of it is that I look forward to being able to do my work much more efficiently next semester, with far fewer technologically-generated tears. And for now, my desk is kind of conveniently diagonal from the corner of my bed (the setup of my room is strange... I have a non-square room and a diagonal desk. Try not to think too much about it), so I pile up my pillows in the corner of my bed, lounge out and watch a movie on my BIG SCREEN TV. Oops I meant computer.

Oh, + if I'm ever so rich that I need to start in on some Philanthropy, my first move is going to be giving supercomputers to my favorite bloggers. I'm looking at you, Violet Blue + Gala Darling! It is so much more fun to drive a shiny new Mazarati than that beat ole' station wagon you claim is so comfortable to drive. But maybe that's just because I'm kind of an absurd fangirl.

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