Monday, March 5, 2007


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Sculpture class today totally rocked my face off. We're doing lost-wax bronze casting, but for now we're just starting out, + so are learning what the capabilities of the wax are. I get to carve, and knead, and burn, and just generally play.

At first, I made this kind of bizarre birdmermaid, which let me explore shaping a bit. Then I was messing around a bit, and decided that maybe I should attempt this, to see if I can do movement. I only have the torso done so far, but it's going well considering I've never sculpted figures before, much less worked with wax.

The only thing with wax is that it is a sponge for light, so next time I want to take a photo I'll do a graphite layer first. Please ignore my nasty looking hands: wax is harder to remove than I had thought.

Music of the day: Waiting Takes Time- Josh Woodward

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