Sunday, March 4, 2007


Rehearsal rooms
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Not that this style of photo has been taken before, or anything...

I just can't seem to keep out of the fine arts building. Deprived of a show, I wandered into the rehearsal rooms and learned my lines for my Shakespeare class. Actually, I mostly just banged on the piano for a while. But we can pretend I got work done, right?

The mirrors do funny things to perspective. I would think that they are in there to give those closet-like rooms the illusion of being bigger to appease the claustrophobes, but this is a public school, I wouldn't think that they would actually care. Do musicians like to look at themselves while they practice? I just find it disconcerting...


I seem to update in clumps. I could, actually, have uploaded photos the past few days to Flickr, but then I feel like there's the burden of needing to blog, + for some reason flickr had been having a fight with Blogger recently. Although I am doing a bit better than I might have thought, so there's that.

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