Friday, March 23, 2007

Bronze Pour

Originally uploaded by chlorinebeach.
Today I cut Costume shop, + went to help out at the bronze pour in the forgery. How many times in my life am I going to be able to say I did that? Probably not too many (although, you never know). I have outlined the whole process in a flickr set. So if you click on the pictures, I have a little description of each step in the process. Or there's a "slideshow" option, although I don't know if that gives the descriptions. Or just look at whatever photos you like, I don't care.

So, it was hot, and loud, and completley exhilarating. I suppose 2000* metal can do that to a girl. And the exiciting thing is that there is going to be an iron pour later on this semester, and that has to get even hotter. Don't worry, I'll take pictures of that, too.

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