Friday, March 9, 2007


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Today, we blog again about food.

Today my mother + I went to see the exhibit about the Louis Comfort Tiffany Lauelton Hall estate at the Metropolitan Museum of art. However, photos were not allowed inside the exhibition, and I didn't get any other shots that I totally loved. (Although, this is a photo of me in this scarf which I fell in love with).

So we blog about cheese. We went to the market in Grand central to pick up some dinner- we got bread, olives, and two types of cheese- Taleggio, a cow cheese, and Garrotxa, a goat cheese. We ate them for dinner and tried to convince ourselves that it was summer. But as it was 1*f outside in the morning, it was to no avail. Hopefully the weather gets better tomorrow, because that means a trip to the zoo!


Sabine said...

You write very well.

Beth said...

thank you very much!