Friday, October 29, 2010

Website Week in Review

Interesting Crap I have found around the internet this week:
♥ The secret to a long life seems to be in the subtext of this article: be happy, do things that interest you.

♥ If you aren't reading Hyperbole and a Half, then there is no joy in your life.

♥ You've heard of a murphy bed? Well this is a Murphy Desk, which feeds all of my organizational joys. I want to run out & buy one right now, because I know I will eventually need one in my cramped days of city-living. Sure the computer would have to live somewhere else, but this would be great even to hang on the wall next to one's bed, or for an extra work surface in the kitchen.

♥ A short film about a man who does glass embossing the old-fashioned way. It isn't quite as informative as I might have liked it to be, but just sit back & let the pretty wash over you. It inspired me to go back in for some art deco opulence in my art for a moment.

♥ These fuckin' guys! Makes me want to watch the Matrix again.

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