Sunday, October 24, 2010

Country Club Charming Customer Awards

Yes Ladies and gentlemen, it's time once again for the charming customer awards! This edition is coming to you live from the Rich and White Country Club, where there are surprisingly few competitors for the awards. Let's take a look at the competition.

First up we have Mrs. ZhouZhou, ordering a Chicken Paillard. She doesn't want her chicken too overdone, but doesn't want it too underdone, either. When asked if that meant she wanted a regular Chicken Paillard, she countered with an attack on the quality of salads previously tendered.
A close competitor in the inane orders category was Mrs. VonSchmaltz who ordered an omlette "not too runny, but not too hard", but was disqualified for actually enjoying her food once it arrived.

In the Just-Order-Something-Else-Category, it looks like Mr. Dividends is going to take the prize this year. His order of a Cobb Salad "with no red onions, avocadoes or bacon,  and with cucumbers, beets and cheese" puts him in the forefront of the competitors trying to turn any salad into a Chef salad.

Lastly, we have the in a hurry competition. Though Mr. Warty marked himself as a stiff competitor when he ordered a grilled cheese to be made now and picked up two hours later after his golf game, the crowd favorite underdog Mrs. Ice will probably take the prize this year in a similar golf situation: in a hurry to meet her friends and go out to the course, she ordered a well done burger and stared accusingly until it arrived.

Stay tuned for more news from Rich and White Country Club, where the competitors in this year's Charming Customer Awards are looking forward to seeing their names on the leader board.


Elle said...

I read this out loud to my roommates and they loved it!

Beth said...

Thanks! I am glad I can amuse them.