Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tik Tok (What I Hear Wednesday)

Tick, Tock- Kemoneyha

I arise in the morning feeling not dissimilar to Sean Combs
Put on my spectacles, and leave my abode, I will conduct a thorough tour of my home metropolis.
Prior to my exit I break a bottle across my face,
Because when I lock the door behind myself today, my house is closed forever.

I mean I am going to varnish my toenails, toenails
Take all of my clothes out of the closet and put them on.
Young Gentlemen are calling me with great frequency and vigor,
I am Driving about in a cabriolet and winding up the Victrola,
Pulling up to the parties, and trying to become mildly intoxicated.

Never cease! Crescendo the orchestra!
Conductor, up the tempo!
Tonight I shall brawl
Until the sun wakens from her rest
(Tick Tock, the Grandfather clock in the hall)
But the ball shall never cease, nay.

Big props to my summer coworkers Golf Shop Bitch and David Foster Wallace for their assistance on this one. I introduced the concept of Grammar Pop to them one boring August day, and we spent the rest of the day tearing this one apart.

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