Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: 2010.10.28

Bunny love

Oh my, is it Thursday again already? Thank goodness for auto-post, or it would be a ghost town around here.

This week I love....

♥ This spot on NPR about words which exist in other languages that should be adopted by English. Reading through the comments section makes me want to expand my vocabulary to include Shil-shom (Hebrew for 'the day before yesterday').

The New York Public Library where I went to kill some time between auditions on Monday. I got to utilize their city-block-long wall of dictionaries to satisfy an etymological question I had been pondering for a few days. They also apparently have a phone line where you can call up & ask them almost anything, & they'll tell you! What a nutty city. :)

Sunlight throught the trees

Fall Leaves. I mean really, how could you not?

Halloween Halloween Halloween! It is my favorite holiday, & I am super-excited to be able to go to a party this year. I am also excited to hand out candy to cute little kids for the first time since I graduated High School! Winning bonus points is "The Walking Dead", a Zombie TV show premiering in the Mad Men slot on the 31st.

Honorable Mentions: ♥ Whiskey Sour Pickles ♥ Tickets to see Brian Regan!!! ♥ Meeting up with Friends at the Theater ♥ Shakespeare Auditions ♥ Intelligent, friendly people at work ♥

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