Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scrapbooking, links + Sweaters

Scrapbooking...Purple Style
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I was thinking, about a week ago, that I don't really have any goals for the summer. So I settled down with a movie (Company!), some snacks + a pen and waited for the ideas to come rolling in.

I could be completely impossible, and decide I want to read a book a week, but really all that's going to be is a source of stress, since I just don't have free time or patience like that. I think a more realistic number is about four, depending on density.

I have decided that I want to finish my scrapbook from London by the end of the summer. I have given myself until June to collect all of the supplies (print the photos, buy a book and stickers, etc...), and I think that'll be a really good project for me, especially considering I want to make it a fun, attractive layout, not just photos stuck into an album. I could get a shitty book printed online if I wanted that.

Other than that, I have a few activity-related goals- go to the beach, see certain plays, but this summer is going to be all about working so that I can buy a NEW DESKTOP COMPUTER by the end of the summer! Hooray!

OMG, this sweater!

When I was at work today, I was looking at Etsy, and I remembered that I owned this piece of hideousness, and got really excited about coming home and putting it on! Of course none of the guys in the shop understood, but I got home and went straight through my sweater chest + found it. It was kind of dusty-smelling, + was making me itch, so I'll have to wash it before I can really wear it again, but I LOVE that sweater.

Have I talked about this sweater before? Because I definitely should have. M.ton + I were watching "Step Brothers" (which is actually MUCH funnier than I thought it was going to be, I recommend it for the sake of seeing two funny guys given full license to just PLAY), + it got to the scene where they're opening Christmas presents, + M.ton grabbed my arm and went

"oooh, can I have a sweater like that?!"
"I'll get you one, but you have to actually wear it."
"Can I wear it ironically?"
"Of course!"

Well, the very next day I was in a secondhand store, and I didn't find a Christmas sweater (it was the beginning of December, they had probably all been snapped up already), but I DID find one with cheesy alpacas marching around it, with alpaca buttons, + this ugly herringbone sweater. I bought them both for less than $5, + M.ton got a big kick out of his sweater, + I wore mine like a sweatshirt every day for a week.

And now, a few links:

the Hype Machine is a wonderful little thing to discover new music on. I like to run it in the background when I get tired of my iTunes library. It helped me discover this post, which is really well phrased, even if I don't like the song that much.

This group on Flickr, which was pretty much made for freaks like me.

And Nubby Twiglet who pretty much always wears something that complements her complexion AND looks good on her, has a job she loves, and remembers to update her blog every day. She's living the dream, basically.

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