Monday, May 25, 2009

Rain Holidays

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Hello Kids, I hope you're all enjoying your holiday weekend.

I was talking to my father the other day, and we concluded that it seems like people who only work 9-5, Monday thru Friday must have a lot of free time. Of course, it's probably not as much as it seems, what with commuting and all, but really. My Dad did point out, however, that when those people try to get stuff done on weekends, everybody else is too.

The Country Club (of course) means working nights, weekends and holidays, which is actually not what I'm here to complain about today, considering I am extremely used to that.

No my friends, what I am here to complain about today is (of all things) the weather.

I used to aggressively Not Care about the weather- I lived by that Fall Out Boy song lyric "you know it's sad that I never gave a damn about the weather, but the weather never gave a damn about me." There was no use in complaining about the clouds, or the heat, since there was nothing I could do about it, and I had to work whether it was raining or not. In fact, if it WAS raining, I usually had a calmer day at work and so really didn't mind.

That was all well and good last summer, but NOW I'm bitter. It's been a (reasonably) nice Memorial Day Weekend- hardly any rain, lots of sun, really pretty good temperatures. The kind of days that make me want to lie down with a book in the grass. My father and I had planned to borrow his friends boat on our day off tomorrow and go out on Lake Mahopac. I was really looking forward to lying down in the boat and soaking up some warmth in the sun. I had this whole mental picture of standing up on the edge of the boat, arcing my back and doing a perfect jackknife dive down into the cold depths of the lake. We would drive by and wave to the Frank Lloyd Wright house, and maybe get a little bit of color on my wintry looking legs.

It seems all of that must now be abandoned, as the weather has chosen to crap on those in the service industry tomorrow and chase us all inside with a high of 57* and mostly cloudy skies. That leaves my father and I with nothing to do after we finish our house chores.

This is a recurring problem, but can anybody think of something to do with your dad on a cool-ish day? He recently had knee surgery, otherwise we'd take the dog to the park, or go walk around the beachfront in Rye. There isn't really anything to see in the theaters, and I'd like to do something that doesn't involve spending too much money. We'll probably wind up just going out for lunch, but it would be great if somebody could think of a better option.

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