Tuesday, May 12, 2009

List Addicts: Party Drinks

One of the blogs I frequent, listaddicts.blogspot.com, recently opened up for submissions from their readers, and this is mine!

That's right, you have 15 people showing up at your house in two hours, and you just remembered that you haven't got anything for them to drink. What to do when you need to mass-produce beverages for party friends? Never fear! My list is here!

-Mom's Punch: Totally PG, it's made with a few types of fruit juice, sparking water and floating globs of Sherbet. This is SO GOOD on a hot summer night, or at a teenage birthday party. It feels very decadent, and you can still see straight.
-Apple Cider: Get some from the Farm stand in October, heat it up + throw in some cinnamon sticks and whole cloves. Show up at a party, dish it up (with shots of rum, if you please), become everybody's best friend. It's totally happened to me before.
-Egg Nog: This stuff is sooooo good! I mean, you really, really shouldn't be planning on getting in a car afterward, since the drunk sort of hits you like a sandbag, but seriously. Who doesn't want to drink their daily calorie intake in one little glass?
-Mint Julips: Anybody who makes Julip that is worth anything mass-produces it, making it the perfect party drink. If you do it right, with shaved ice, proper rum, and silver cups, you're all set to sit around the backyard in your big derby hats and discuss where you and your husband are going to vacation now that he has quit the financial industry.
-Mojitos: This may just be because my pretend secret crush makes really really good ones, but they're really good and summery. Although, they're not really quite as easy to mass-produce.
-Plum Wine: Specifically, Plum wine mixers. Wine + sparkling water= another summer drink that is distinctly easier to make than a Mojito that is equally refreshing.
-Champagne: I mean, come on. It is THE party drink, isn't it?

What about the rest of you? What are favorite drinks to produce in five-gallon bucket quantities? Anything you think I should try out?

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