Sunday, May 10, 2009

My lovely new job

A variation of ensembles.
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This year, for a change of scenery on weekends I work in the Golf shop, instead of the clubhouse. It seems pretty okay so far, although it's Mother's Day so the place is pretty dead.

If I'll be here a whole lot, I'm thinking I need to subscribe to Google Books, since I'm not allowed to sit with a book open, but I am allowed to play on the computer (I guess it looks like I maybe might be accomplishing something). The only problem is that a computer screen, after a while, really starts to hurt my eyes.


But the main point of this entry actually has little or nothing to do with my job- I have poorly directed rage at the Box Office (or whoever is in charge of ticket pricing structure) for West Side Story.

As a college student, and particularly as a college student coming home from London, I like to do everything REALLY cheaply, so the fact that they have no student rush, and the cheapest ticket is $45 REALLY annoys me.

"But Bef!" you cry "They have a lottery, and the tickets are only $26! If you go on a not so busy day, you're guaranteed to get a seat! I really don't see what the problem is."

The problem IS, that the tickets which are being lotteried are in the front row. And for a production that looks as amazingly danced as it does (I'll put a video at the bottom of the page), which kept the original Jerome Robbins choreography, I'd really like to be able to see their feet. Actually, not their feet might be okay, but I sat in the front row to see Merwin in 'The Little Mermaid', + I couldn't really see them below the knee. NOT interesting.

So I guess the solution is to wait a little while into the summer and see if the tickets go on sale, or to beg for tickets for my birthday. Or to just cough up the 45 bucks, and then not do anything fun for the rest of the week. Which is beginning to look like the solution.

[This actually isn't even a good example of the dancing. If you are clicking through the theater section of the NY times ( ), you might come across one of their advertisements which has a pretty good selection of clips from the whole show, and it looks PRETTY HOT. Just sayin']

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