Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things I Saw in NY Yesterday

Flowers on Park

Flowers blooming on Park Ave
Impossible Lines in Grand Central It must be passover! 
♥ A Man Proposing to his Girlfriend on a Park Bench With a Sapphire the size of the hope diamond. She burst into tears & everybody around applauded.


MeghanSara said...

Beautiful picture! Is that yours? How sweet, all of those things! I personally go crazy when the daffodils come up - they're my favourite flower!

Beth said...

@Meghan Yep! Took it with my iPhone... I love not having to carry a point & shoot around all the time!

I think White or Dark Purple Tulips are among my favorite flowers, although I also love Apple Blossoms.

Madie said...

Aww that sounds so sweet!
Love the picture x