Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Romantic Stereotypes

Yesterday I had the day off (ahh, the life of the marginally employed), & M.ton & I decided to take a romantic little jaunt around New York.

First was the Museum of Natural History where we wanted to see only dinosaurs. Unfortunately the same problems of organization I encountered last time I was there persisted, & we had to walk through the hall of Biodiversity & the hall of Asian Peoples to find it. Weird.

Art and Science

While looking at the dinosaurs, I encountered this drawing, & began spinning a post in my head about the continued relevancy of art in the digital age in a partnership with science. Luckily for you I'm too tired to write that right now, so let's settle with saying that this is fuckin' cool and Jay H. Matternes is damn talented.

Daily Outfit, Central Park Style

Having seen the dinosaurs we stopped at Shake Shack and relaxed (unironically) in the park on our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we didn't get to the exhibit we went for until after two hours of "look at that! Look at THAT!"

In all, it was the kind of fun little day that I wouldn't usually think to have. It can be fun to wander through museums with no agenda, & I've been trying to be more calm about that whole schedule thing (it's not working). And even though working and figuring out how to pay the bills and doing dishes and setting mouse traps kind of sucks, being an adult can kind of rule sometimes. I lazed about in the park with my boyfriend, & played cards all night with Schmemma & our boys, drinking beer I bought with my own money. Cool.

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