Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Cuba Gallery: Boots / lighting / feet / shoes / photography

If this is a blog, I guess that means you're a little interested in my life, right? I may as well tell you what's been going on recently, since I know I'm an Anthropology project for at least one of you.


I've been actively searching for an apartment in the City so Nice They Named it Twice with my future housemate Schmema since the end of November.

So far, I've only been able to bring it down to neighborhoods & generics. I don't want to live in Bushwick, I don't want a shotgun-style apartment. I like Astoria, I guess I could bring myself to build a wall in the Living Room. I won't pay more than 2K/month, I won't live more than a 10 minute walk from the Subway.

Schmema lives in Syracuse, so we've been thinking it will be easier for us to sublet for a month so we can be together to look at things. Scmem likes Brooklyn, I like Queens. Neither of us has an animal. Yet.

Camouflage class in New York University, where men and women are preparing for jobs in the Army or in industry, New York, N.Y. They make models from aerial photographs, re-photograph them, then work out a camouflage scheme and make a final photograph (LOC

Some people have asked, "Why New York? Why not somewhere cheaper/more livable/warmer?" The answer is... because it's always been the center of the world to me. Because the whole time I lived in London I couldn't stop myself from comparing it unfavorably to NY.

Because there is so much art & culture there that it could very well take your head off. Because so many beautiful & interesting things are free. Because my obsessive, pushy workaholic attitude is grating here, & what's needed there.

And because I HATE CARS. I can't stand them. Right now, financially speaking, my options are buy a car OR move out, not both. And I'm sorry Nowheresville, NY, but you don't offer many opportunities to suceed in the arts. Or make more than $12K/year  if you're not a real estate broker/nurse/lawyer (actually, what DO people in my town do? Commute to NY mostly, I think). So I'll move to an outer burb, where my commute may still be an hour long, but at least I can read the whole time & I don't have to live in constant fear of being in a car accident. Just getting hit by one, I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. You did unfavorably compare New York and London. I seem to recollect you even purchasing little wooden figures of both cities....lol Do you still have those?