Sunday, December 26, 2010

Apartment Ideas

In my anticipation of a new living space, I have been a pretty close reader of Apartment Thearapy, Design Vagabond, & Begin Being. I realize that I won't be able to afford hundred-dollar lamps, or have the knowledge to build my own desk (unless I can hand-sew it together!), but there are a few common themes between the spaces I like: they have high ceilings, they are stark, & they are clean. The bright white floors & shelves full of neat little doodads? Probably obsessively mopped & dusted. Am I ready for that kind of challenge? Well, on less than 2K/month, I'm going to have to be.

That being said, it hasn't stopped me from imagining my dream apartment (very different from my dream house, you see). Let's start in the living room, shall we?

Full of bright windows and succulent plants, what it lacks in width it makes up for in length. A few fainting couches are illuminated by a groovy chandelier which gives plentiful light to read by. Schmemma & I cram our bookcases in cheek by jowl, both to save space in our bedrooms & to make the sharing of reading materials easier. Some groovy art on the walls offsets the impromptu drawing salons, semi-staged readings, & Banjo concerts we hold on drunken weekends. The dog loves everybody, especially the neighbors.

The bathroom is another narrow space. Capitalizing on the black & white tile we have inherited from the previous owner we try to keep the accents to a solitary color scheme, down to the soap. I utilize the Urban Outfitters gift card my Aunt gave me to make the dark space seem less like a funny farm washroom.

Putting my desk in the closet helps create the illusion of open space in my bedroom, where a warm color scheme on the bed and a few snuggly stuffed animals contrast the blue walls. The collection of cacti spilling over from the living room allows me to imagine my air is cleaner. I use my dress form to prepare outfits for the next day, & my hats and scarves are prominently displayed so I do not forget to wear them. Lots of floor space helps me keep this a bedroom, & stops it from being the general flop room it was in college.


Though my real spaces will probably be much more cluttered looking, I'm hoping the process of moving will force me to weed out all of the things I don't really need.

I know it has been sparse around here lately, but I'm sorry to say that you probably won't be hearing too much from me until I am moved in to wherever it is I'm going. I have a few posts queued up, but don't raise your expectations too high. I hope you all had a pleasant holiday, & that the New Year finds you somewhere you want to be, full of inspiring dreams.

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