Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: 2010.12.16

Hérouard - LVP cover - 1922 - La Cle Des Champs - key of field

Caramel Popcorn: We had some of this at work for the little kids at the holiday party to decorate their gingerbread houses with, & I wound up buying a container of it for myself. It's really tasty, & very cheap! If only it weren't so bad for my teeth.

Mail: I made some shoes for my friend Holly's new baby (!!!!), & sent out an amusing Christmas card to some of my friends from London. I also sent a letter to one of my favorite bloggers, thanking her for being such a positive influence on me. People like to get things in the mail, I think.

Christmas Anticipation: I have once again bought the perfect present for everybody on my list, with little or no assistance. I LOVE giving presents: I love thinking about what to get/make, how to wrap them, & when to give them. It's also the time of year when I don't let myself buy anything, in case somebody is going to give me what I was hoping for!

My Sister: Tori comes home today! My parents are in Oswego, picking her up. She'll be amusing to have around, & I'm looking forward to helping her get organized for next semester.

Honorable Mentions: ♥ Fake Plants (they don't die!) ♥ Helpful Customer Support ♥ Knitting patterns from the mathematically inclined ♥ Mad Men DVDs ♥ Discovery Channel's Planet Earth ♥ Checking out new Apartments in the city! Yes I am a bit of a busybody! ♥

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