Saturday, September 26, 2009

Recent Weeks

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The past few weeks have become the usual school/costume shop/homework rinse/repeat. This always happens around the autumnal equinox, for me- when the length of night outweighs that of day, I find myself coming up from the shop & finding it to be dark. I get home, I make dinner, I do as much homework as I can, I pass out.

I've always prided myself on my ability to stay abreast of my work- I tend to try to complete things the day they are assigned, because I hate having to stay up too late to finish an assignment. Mostly I just hate being tired. I also really enjoy being able to look down on people who stay up until all hours doing homework. It's like "oh? Really? Because last night I read a bit of my magazine, made my lunch for today, & had the lights off by 11."

However, with this show we were playing catch up before we even started. An unusually short work time for a musical (six weeks for 40 characters) wouldn't be so bad if it were my full time job, but as it stands I take my keys to the shop in on weekends & multitask. I'll be excited when it's up not only because I really want to see my work all in one place, but because perhaps that means I'll get to spend daylight hours [if not outside, then] in a room with windows.

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LT Regan said...

Wanna come down and try Armor School instead? EVERY day starts and end in the dark, lol. :P

Say hi to Phil, Alice, and Tori for me when you get the chance- I miss all you guys.