Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Perhaps you are confused: We make the rules here.

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Yesterday I was in the library, scanning things onto my flash drive to present in our first costume meeting that afternoon (I plugged my scanner in last night & it didn't work. Um). I finished up, checked out the poster sale, called my dad, & went to Kevin's class [a manic, aggressively scandalous man if there ever was one]. In the meeting with Anne, I tried to dig out my flash drive [which I keep on my key chain] to present the work, & found that I had lost my keys at some point.

I've been bugging out ever since: the campus lost & found people know me by sight, and this morning I definitely looked like a girl who had stayed up all night crying. I'm not generally the kind of person who loses things, & I hate that I am more or less powerless as to when they'll show up again.

If they don't show up by tomorrow, then I'll put in a work order for new ones, but since academic institutions enjoy imposing draconian laws upon those in their domain, I'm going to have to pay $120 for a new lock to be put in my room door AND the front door of the apartment. Because it is obviously
a) impossible for them to make a copy of one of my house mate's keys and
b) highly likely that somebody will find my keys and try every single door on campus until they open mine and steal not only my posessions, but everything in the apartment kitchen.

Really? There's a lot that's putting me off school this year, but slap this one right up on top for today.

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