Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bag Shopping

Bag contents
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Okay, so I was sick last week, which not only meant totally ignoring the world, but also that I didn't go in to work (Except for six hours on Monday), so now I have zero dollars in my weekly spending budget.

But that doesn't stop me from looking at shit online! I've been kind of wanting a new bag lately. The little pink one I got in London was GREAT for London, really carried just the perfect amount of stuff, but now that I'm home I'm lugging extra clothing to work, a bigger wallet, etc.

[Aside from which, the part where I broke my point and shoot means that my extremely generous boyfriend lent me his SLR which is AMAZING (I cannot take a bad picture with that thing, srsly), but gigantic. BUT THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW].

So I want a bigger bag. I'd actually just really like to be able to get my hands on the next largest size of the cute hot pink Carpisa bag I bought in London, but apparently they don't sell online, + I can't find a distributor in NY anywhere,which is really too bad because it was pretty cheap and seems to be durable. I found this really exciting bagin my very favorite color, but it is a) sold out for 3 weeks, and b) far more money than I am willing to spend (I am willing to spend about $0 on things right now). And of course, in a dream world I would have been able to afford a coach bag I fell in love with two seasons ago. Not because of the name, mind you, but because it was the perfect size, shape, lots of pockets, really gorgeous navy blue leather... of course it was great. If the company ONLY makes bags, I would hope they would make them well, right?

I was checking out the website for the super grimy bag I am using right now (which was actually a 1 1/2 year old lost + found find), and apparently it's kind of fucking expensive, and Angelina Jolie has it. So at least I can be hip in my cheapness, but I hope that doesn't mean I have to start popping out Brad Pitt's babies, because I don't really like kids.

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