Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Style Meme

In the Car
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Best Sartorial advice from your parents?
It is always better to be over dressed than under dressed.

Style icons?
Friends: Sara Pauker, Megan-Sara Karre, Dallas DeFee, Jess Condyles
Public Figures: Gala Darling, Bjork, Zoetica Ebb, Tilda Swinton

Describe your personal style
Pants: Destroyed Jeans or shorts over tights
Skirts: Long and flowing. Homemade.
Dresses: White
Shirts: Oxford, wifebeaters, corsets, American Apparel, backless, homemade, NEVER t-shirts
Winterwear: Sweaters (preferably handknit), knit beanies, a pile of handknit scarves or beanies.
Footgear: Sandals, High Heels, Boots, NEVER sneakers.
Headgear: Turbans, scaves, sunhats.
Jewelry: at least five rings on each hand. Big earrings. Maybe a beaded bracelet.
Underpants: Anything cheap from H + M

I build my daily look around?
Depends- not too much white if I'm going to be in the studio. Usually I plan a bunch of outfits a week in advance, + put those on when the whim takes me. The color of the sky helps a lot.

Personal Style quirk?
A fistful of rings

Most cherished item?
Baby blanket quilted for me by my Tanta Gale when I was 5.

I feel best wearing?
pink lip gloss + my rockstar sunglasses.

The first thing I look at in another Sartorialist?s outfit ...
Style- do they absolutely love what they are wearing? Does it make them feel great? Did they decide to put those things together, or buy them straight off the store model?

I always break this fashion rule.
Tall women shouldn't wear heels

Never caught wearing?
Any of these: Sneakers, sweatshirt/pants, baseball cap, t-shirt.

Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear?
Bright color near the face.

Dress to impress who?
Myself, and whoever I decide I have a crush on that day.

Shine your own shoes?
Don't need to.


Favorite stores?
Anthropologie, Goodwill, American Apparel, Brooks Brothers, Etsy,

Your next "must have" purchase?
Green Sunglasses

I skimp when buying ...
Drawing Paper

Favorite item of clothing
Recently, my painting smock I fished out of the scrap bin in the costume shop.

Guilty pleasure

Cologne, skincare?
So In Love by Victoria's Secret... looking to change that one soon.

Uhh... whatever seems to be working at the moment. Clearasil facewash, Burt's Bees exfoliant, Dermatologist stuff, and Dove face lotion.

Most stylish city?
NYC, natch.

When I was in high school I wore?
Oooh... I went straight from off-the-shelf goth to Thrift store hippie

Watching? Baseball, Polo. Playing? I'll swim.

Favorite fashion magazine?
French vogue

Favorite vacation spot?
Bermuda, Rome

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?
Binghamton: The Lost Dog, Tilly's, Moghul
Mahopac: Kira Sushi, Jaipore,
Manhattan: Afghan Kebab House

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gilda said...

i think the same thing! better to be overdressed! :)