Monday, May 12, 2008

Sky grey-bleu.

The Violence of Flowers
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Today is not a day for studying for tests. Tests written by the man considered to be the toughest grader in my department. Oh no. Today is a day for going to see "Einstein's Knees", my friends synesthetic light show based on Einstein on the Beach. It is a day for lying in bed reading letters + lamenting the loss of the art of letter writing. A day for eating chocolate, drinking tea, + fantasizing about the cracker-cheese-sausage pyramids I am going to build when I get home for the summer. Bonus points for listening to mixes composed of Iron + Wine, Timbaland, + the Kronos Quartet.

You know what was a horrible movie? Iron Man. I know, I know! It has gotten almost universal (93% positive on good reviews, and everybody rants and raves about how good it was. And it was probably a big mistake for me to go see that- I'm more of a El Labrinto Del Fauna and Persepolis kind of gal (although I'm really excited for Dark Knight and the new James Bond movie ... so sue me).

But really. It was vaguely well-written until the giant robots showed up and they fired the screenwriters, and Obadiah wore some friggin' sweet neckties, but mostly I just spent the whole time laughing at how terrible it was. Plus, it took seven of my last ten dollars. I'm allowed to resent it for that, right?

My favorite part was when Pepper ran at a dead sprint in an hobble skirt and spike heels across open gratework, when the rest of the movie she had been sort of penguin-ing around the whole time.

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