Sunday, January 13, 2008


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I drove to Beacon today, but stopped first in Lake Mohegan (which gives me absolute fits to drive through, it stresses me out so much) to pick up my new copy of the First Folio. <3

I met up with Milton at Dia:Beacon, which was not very, aah... accessible. There was a Richard Sera piece which I of course enjoyed, an odd plywood construction against a wall that made it look like there was a big hole in the floor, + too much art we weren't allowed to get near. I find that those kinds of museums are most fun when you're allowed to take pictures in them- art about the art is more interesting than the art itself. Is that offensive, or narrow-minded? I guess I'd be annoyed if somebody thought that about my art... but my art isn't in a museum, eh?

After, we went to the Muddy Cup coffee house, which may win the prize for Best Coffee House, ever. Too bad it's half an hour away from my house. They had such a huge selection that I couldn't decide what I wanted, and a neat aesthetic. Throne-like chairs, and a good place to sit + chat quietly for a few hours, which we did.

I took the scenic route through Fahnstock state park back home, but was sad that it was so cloudy. On even just a decent night, you can see the milky way from there, and when the lake is still, it gets reflected in the lake, surrounded by tree-covered hills, + is quite breathtaking. I learned to skip stones there, actually.

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