Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Don't follow the lights!
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So, I get to hang out backstage for both Acts I + II- I was made stage right costume captain, meaning I get to sit there while there is nothing going on. I guess when you act like a rational human being, people start to trust you (go figure).

Tonight I brought homework, but I'm not really looking forward to the weekend- it's really quite dark (this was a time-lapse shot, pointed straight at the only light), so I can't knit, and I won't really be able to concentrate enough to read a book. I guess I'll do the time-burning waitress thing.

Not that I mean to sound like I'm kvetching: this is probably one of the easier shows I could have picked to do my run crew hours for, as there are few changes in I, and none in II. Additionally, I get to hang out with all of my boys, + I'm sure I'll be working with them in the future. And, I'm sitting (literally) directly beneath the orchestra platform, and I do love me some Leonard Bernstein. So, all things considered, it's good. I just wish I could sleep a tiny bit more, but welcome to the theatre world.

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