Monday, February 28, 2011

Hullo Again

So I've violated one of my own cardinal rules & stopped updating, like Daddy Likey who put out a book and then... disappeared.

But Here I Am, dammit! Large and in charge, I solved the roach problem, the hot water problem, the spider problem AND the TV problem. I also have a job, and am practicing the art of having fun with no money.
What's that you say? You'd like to hear about my fun? Sure!


Dr.Sketchy's is a cabaret-style life drawing "class" with drinks, loud music, and awesomely be-costumed models. Oh, and themes. Although the concept got its start in NYC, there are now Sketchy meetups on 5 continents and counting.

I've only gone to three so far, but they were all an awesome time! I would recommend it to drunks & serious scratchers alike.

The Guardian

The first I went to featured an artist I admire very much as a model, with her devastatingly handsome husband in tow. It was themed after a book which I tried to force myself to read but for some reason could not get through. Perhaps I'll give it another shot now that I get about an hour of reading time on the subway every day.

Dr. Sketchy's NYC- 2011.1.30

The second one I went to was Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' themed, & the woman playing Desire looked exactly like the book. It was terrifyingly awesome.

Two Standing

The most recent one, yesterday, was themed after a Warren Ellis book I have never read, but featured enough peopleflesh to keep me more than just sated. Plus the friend I was there with won a prize.


It makes me happy to go and draw with other people. I've missed life drawing since school, & if I can do it with a drink in hand, why, so much the better! Additionally, the atmosphere makes the event feel like a celebration of art in the way that theater is.

 It's moments like that which make me feel the most keenly like I am maybe not in the right medium with art, but also like I don't have to be in a hurry to figure it out. More on that later, I suppose. If you're extra nice to me.

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