Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I did today

Not that Kind of Girl did an interesting kind of post that I thought I might try to copy in my own, non-scanner owning way. I have attempted to make a little piece of internet art to honor each of the exciting moments in my very mundane day at work and play. Ready? Okay!

8:00 AM
Dog Interrupts Yoga
My dog greets me in her usual morning manner, immune to my attempts to brush her off and continue my yoga routine. A few damp ears later, and I retreat to my bedroom to finish.

11:30 AM

cream of mushroom soup
created by angry chef
why are you so good?

1:00 PM
Not going to Vegas

After looking up trip prices on Kayak (yay for the internet on a point of sale machine), I decide to just keep saving for an apartment & think about taking vacations again in a year.

Watching Tennis
Seeing everybody's heads turn in sync while they watch the club tennis championship gives me a serious case of the giggles. I have to hide in the kitchen.

3:30 PM
Acorns 3

Because the members seem to think the club in an all-inclusive babysitting service, I must prevail upon a passle of seven-year old boys to stay quiet while their parents watch tennis. I convince them that filling a hole in the ground with acorns can be a fun activity.

5:00 PM
Added Mr. Bostons to my Amazon Wishlist

I add Mr. Boston's to my Amazon Wishlist.

10:00 PM
Evening Activities

I retire to the basement to set the moldings in my vampire teeth. It tastes like garbage, but Mad Men makes an excellent distraction. The dog is unsure.
_ _ _ _ _ _

Well, that was... time consuming. I think I learned from this project that I need to get my scanner working again. I hope you had at least a little fun reading this, though!