Friday, November 21, 2008

I have a problem.

It's called costume design.

Things were fine enough at the beginning of the semester- I researched the 1930s to my hearts content, and started putting together Urinetown. But then... I watched the show. And it was funny. REALLY funny. You know what happened in the show?

There was singing. and DANCING. at the same time.

I started listening to Legally Blonde again. and Wonderful Town. And Chicago.

Now, in class, we're doing musicals, + I've picked Guys and Dolls, and my dominant attitude towards the Hot Box girls is "well, it's good, but it needs more glitter."

This evening I'm going to watch Cabaret while I paint my nails.

Right after I watch this for the fifth time:

Subtitled "Christopher Walken does WHAT?!" I would have loved to see him in his dancing day. Oh, and I must chase down this movie.

Don't try to save me- you'll only get rhinestones glued to your eyelids.

1 comment:

Sarah Von said...

I am *completely* hypnotized by this clip. Christopher Walken! You're dancing all over and now you just squeezed that woman's boob! You rouge!